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When organizing a fundraising event, choosing the right venue is crucial to ensure its success and maximize the funds raised. Our indoor golf and entertainment venue offers a wide range of features and amenities that make it the ideal choice for hosting a memorable and profitable fundraising event. 

Impressive Indoor Driving Range

An indoor driving range like no other, featuring two massive levels under the largest dome in the northeast. This visually stunning setting will captivate your attendees and create a memorable backdrop for your fundraising event. The spacious and immersive environment allows for various fundraising activities, such as golf challenges, mini-tournaments, or even golf clinics. Participants can enjoy the excitement of golf while contributing to your cause.

Enhanced Axe Throwing Experiences

Axe throwing has gained popularity as a fun and interactive activity that appeals to a wide range of participants. By using our enhanced axe throwing video overlay system into your event, you can create a unique fundraising opportunity that draws in attendees and encourages them to donate to your cause.

Boardwalk-Style Arcade Games

 Our venue features boardwalk-style arcade games that will entertain and engage your attendees. These games offer a nostalgic and enjoyable experience, allowing participants to compete, have fun, and contribute to your fundraising efforts.

Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

Make your fundraising event truly unforgettable by offering attendees the opportunity to experience our virtual reality roller coaster. With the only two-axis, 360-degree rotation in the area, this attraction guarantees a thrilling and immersive adventure.

Sports Simulators

State-of-the-art sports simulators that can be utilized for fundraising events. From golf to soccer, basketball to baseball, these simulators provide an engaging and interactive way for attendees to participate in sports activities while supporting your cause. You can organize mini-competitions or offer prizes for the highest scores, generating enthusiasm and encouraging attendees to donate to your fundraising efforts.

Restaurant and Sports Bar

The Tap-In Restaurant & Sports Bar offers some of the best food in the area, ensuring your guests are well-fed and satisfied throughout the event. Attendees can relax, socialize, and enjoy the delectable cuisine, further enhancing their overall experience.

The memorable atmosphere and exciting activities provided by Adventure Crossing Golf & Entertainment will undoubtedly help drive donations and make your fundraising event a resounding success.

Let one of our onsite fundraising specialists and event planners help you create a meaningful fundraising event.


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