Toptracer Technology

The #1 Driving Range Technology in Golf

Toptracer Range has traced more balls, in more bays, at more driving ranges, in more countries than any other range technology on the planet. 

Toptracer Range is regarded as the leading golf shot tracking system for driving ranges, and there are many reasons why it is considered superior:

Accuracy: Toptracer’s shot tracking system provides highly accurate data, capturing the ball’s trajectory from the moment it leaves the clubface until it lands. It employs advanced camera-based technology that tracks the ball’s flight path with remarkable precision. This accuracy ensures that golfers receive reliable data on their shots, including distance, ball speed, launch angle, and other vital metrics. 

Other top golf ranges use special reduced-flight balls that contain microchips for tracking. The Toptracer Range technology in our two levels of indoor driving bays uses high-speed cameras, meaning our players hit high-quality standard golf balls. This means the results you get are the same ones you’d really see on the course.

Real-Time Feedback: Toptracer Range offers immediate feedback on every shot, displaying the data on a large screen near the golfer’s hitting area. This real-time feedback allows golfers to analyze their shots instantly and make adjustments to their swing or technique. Instantly seeing analytics also injects plenty of engagement, competition, and fun into our driving range experience!


Entertainment Value: Toptracer Range enhances the overall golfing experience by providing interactive games and challenges. Players can challenge themselves on virtual courses, engage in skill-based contests, or compete against friends or other players at the driving range. All of this means our system is a lot of fun for both avid golfers and non-golfers alike.

Used by the Pros: Toptracer Range has been extensively used in professional golf tournaments, including prestigious events like the PGA Tour and European Tour. Its sophisticated ball tracking technology enables viewers to see the shot paths of professional golfers on television broadcasts, which has led to the current high level of analysis and information that pro golf viewers see in broadcasts.

Data Analysis and Insights: Toptracer provides comprehensive shot data and analytics, allowing golfers to track their progress over time. The system stores historical data, enabling golfers to review their performance trends and identify areas for improvement. With access to these valuable insights, golfers can fine-tune their game and make data-driven decisions to enhance their skills.

Overall, Toptracer’s combination of accuracy, real-time feedback, entertainment factor, and data analysis capabilities make it the leading golf shot tracking technology. Its ability to enhance the practice experience, and provide valuable insights sets it apart from other systems, making it the preferred choice for both recreational and professional golfers.

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