Vito Cardinale, an Accomplished Businessman, Now on the Hunt of His Life

NEW JERSEY:  The name Vito F. Cardinale is known to many in New Jersey and Staten Island. The name if researched is synonymous with words like;successful, accomplished, smart, passionate, strong, determined... His reputation to those who know him personally is also that of a compassionate man who by many rights is extraordinary, someone who gets big things done and accomplishes the goals he sets.

Cardinale comments, “I’m now focused on the most important goal of my life, and I’m going to make it happen.” His goal is something that could potentially save millions of lives worldwide, and is driven by an unyielding passion, a palpable constant fire within to accomplish his mission. It is his purpose in life…  

Cardinale takes multi-tasking to the next level, successfully working on various major projects at the same time balancing work with his generous and unique philanthropic initiatives.  Take for example his annual Kids Wishin’ to Go Fishin’, day,and Veteran’s ‘Play Hook-e’ Fishing event (coming soon May 4th), held at his private fully stocked Lake Julianna named after his granddaughter, the lake borders his residence in Millstone, NJ.

It was his generous donation to CentraState Hospital in Freehold, NJ that supported the construction of the Linda E. Cardinale MS Center, providing diagnosis and continuing care and therapies for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. The Center was named in honor of Cardinale’s wife of 30 years, who courageously battled MS until her passing in 2013. 

Cardinale, an engineer, was born and raised in Staten Island, where later with his wife Linda, he founded Cardinale Enterprises in 1983, a small start-up company that with Cardinale at the helm and Linda’s constant support, evolved into a well known real estate development and management enterprise. They successfully owned various businesses from educational book distribution companies, to owning one of Xerox’s most successful dealerships in the country. They eventually expanded Cardinale Enterprises to nearby New Jersey.

Presently, the company is focused on several multi-use retail and residential projects throughout the state.  Always utilizing cutting edge technology, Cardinale is also involved with the development of a solar/energy storage venture and various businesses such as a favorite dog destination; the Green Leaf Pet Resort in Oakhurst, NJ. Vito Cardinale is a member of the Colts Neck Business Association, and the ‘Unemployables’ the locally famous Colts Neck ‘Perkins Breakfast Club’. 

Cardinale’s project that is receiving the most attention lately is a significant multi-purpose development. Cardinale Enterprises is the force behind the $500 million youth sports and entertainment complex project that has begun construction in Jackson, NJ. It is called Adventure Crossing USA. The project when completed will spread over about 300 acres between Interstate 195 and Six Flags Great Adventure, along Monmouth Road. The physical centerpiece of the project is the massive indoor sports dome, the heart and soul of the project is something quite different.

Cardinale comments, “We are creating a total sports tournament and entertainment destination, the first of its kind in our state.  Many New Jersey families are traveling every weekend out of state for their children to play in sports tournaments, as far as Maryland, Ohio, PA…. We are creating a go to for all of NJ’s sports needs here at home. When completed this will be one of the greatest sports and entertainment facilities in the Northeast. It will be a tournament destination for families to enjoy, while being surrounded with our wide variety of entertainment options to choose from. Or they can visit adjacent Six Flags Great Adventure. It will be a destination that the whole family can enjoy with a family friendly beautiful hotel and so much more.”

Adventure Crossing is slated to include everything from an outdoor cricket stadium, turf fields, basketball courts, hockey rinks, volleyball courts, family friendly hotels, a concert arena, retail, swimming pools, gaming experiences like laser tag, eSports, virtual reality gaming, golf, trampoline and and a variety of dining experiences, party rooms, a conference center, mixed retail and apartments…. There will be convenient cross transporting between Six Flags, and shuttles to the shopping outlets and to the Jersey Shore attractions.    

Cardinale continues, “Our Team is building the greatest and the best sports and entertainment complex in New Jersey, one of the best of its kind in the country. It’s going to make a lot of families very happy, everyone will benefit. This will bring hundreds of jobs to the community and will offer convenience to countless families. So many families are separated on the weekends with one parent traveling on the road for hours out of state for sports, and the other staying to entertain the kids who may not be involved in the tournaments. Now the families can travel together if they choose, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy before, after and during the sports tournaments.”

Cardinale’s Longtime Business Associate and friend for the last 25 years, Nick Ponzio comments, “I have never met anyone like Vito before in my life and I don’t think I ever will. He is someone who has the foresight and the vision to see opportunities for success that others may not see right away. On a personal level, I watched the way that Vito took care of his wife Linda. When you can selflessly care for someone that can not take care of themselves, that is what separates you. He took up the cause of caring for his wife. He did it. He knows more about the science around MS than most people that do that for a living. When Vito said he was going to build an MS center at CentraState, I have to admit I had my doubts. Before I knew it Vito had the center built and running. I learned not to doubt him when he has something in his focus, and that’s why I know this Adventure Crossing USA project and his brain research center is going to happen the way he says it is. With Vito, it always seems like too big of an undertaking, and then before you know it, the building is going up. He is results driven and when he wants something it’s a matter of when, and not if.  He is undetoured by obstacles and knows what the finish line is and how to get there.” 

Cardinale continues, “Yes the revenue will be big because there is a large demand but I’m not doing this to line my pockets. Yes people will make a lot of money, but the revenue from Adventure Crossing is designed to fuel something even greater than what everyone is talking about. This whole development, and all the success it will bring, and it will be successful, is to create an ongoing economic engine for medical research, at a state of the art brain research center, to be built right on the property.”

Cardinale continues, ” I am building what will become a world renown brain research center with leading neurologists on-site who are already on board to work to find a cure. They will research and treat patients with neurological diseases like MS, ALS and Parkinson’s. There is a residential component to house 75 patients. These patients can live and work here, and at the same time they will be under day to day observation and treatment, with the researchers and leading neurologists… There will also be a program specifically to treat veteran’s with neurological diseases.  My goal is to eliminate MS, completely wipe it out. We don’t need another preventative maintenance drug for the 2.9 million people suffering with MS worldwide. We need a cure and I am in the business of eliminating MS, to completely wipe MS off the face of the earth. I have seen first hand the excruciating cruel suffering of MS. The victim of MS is tortured, and his or her whole family also suffers with them. Our research center will follow Mayo Clinic protocol. We will work with all of the leading local hospitals, and state organ and tissue donor facilities. In order to research for a cure, we need to study the lesions on the brain that MS victims have. Our MS center at CentraState has over 2300 people enrolled in the programs there. The only way that we are going to wipe out MS and other neurological diseases is from organ and tissue donation of the brain, so that researchers can find a cure so we can spare families from the intensely cruel suffering that MS and other neurological diseases cause.”  

According to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, (MSAA) there are nearly one million people living with MS in the US. This is more than double the previous estimate of 400,000. MS organizations have been advocating for decades to create a national MS registry in the US and the new estimate is based on innovative ways to estimate based on various medical data bases. Most people experience their first symptoms of MS and are diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 50.

Cardinale continues, “People who are living with neurological diseases can live on site near the brain center,  and will be able to have jobs and be a part of socializing everyday. Unlike so many projects where people with special medical needs are put in the back, we will have housing for 75 neurological patients and they will be right up front in a beautiful active setting. They will be treated with the respect they deserve and will receive the best possible care at our brain center, as we hunt for a cure to wipe MS off the face of the earth.” 

According to MSAA, MS is not a random disease. On average with relapsing MS, women are 3 times more likely to have MS. A lack of vitamin D in the body as well as well as the Epstein Barr virus are both factors.   Cardinale says, “Anyone low on vitamin D should be supplementing everyday, low vitamin D is always a factor with an MS diagnosis.”

According to MSAA another item specific to those diagnosed with MS is that geographically, people who live farther from the equator have a higher risk of developing MS than people living closer to the equator.  Also according to MSAA: “Individuals living beyond the 40-degree mark north or south of the equator are far more likely to develop MS, and this is especially true for people in North America, Europe and southern Australia.”  

Cardinale comments, “People have asked and said things like, ‘Yes you are a successful developer, a proven businessman, but what makes you think you understand the sports business, or even begin to understand the neurological medical field?’ I say, I’ve surrounded myself with a team of advisors and professionals, that don’t ‘yes me,’ they tell me what they think should happen. I don’t want to be the smartest guy on the team, I want to be surrounded by the smartest and that’s what we’ve created here. The advisory board is the best and the brightest, I couldn’t ask for a better team. We have the best on our team from the individuals that created the Wide World of Sports for Disney, to those who operate theme parks now, one who runs the NY Giants Operation at the Meadowlands, the President of the Restaurant Association, advisor for the NFL Alumni…an Olympic three time gold medalist, Real Estate developers… the largest solar energy provider…the best engineering and legal teams…”

Cardinale continues, “As for the brain center, I’ve been living the MS fight for decades, and understand it completely.  Over the years I have formed close professional and personal relationships with the physicians leading the fight against MS, the best in the world. My family has lived the cruel suffering of MS as we watched my beautiful wife Linda battle it, and watched my children go through the pain of losing their loving mother to MS. I have a bullet aimed right at MS and believe me I am in the hunt of my life and I am going to kill it.”  

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