WATCH: Giant dome at Adventure Crossing USA fully inflated; one of the largest in the US

Adventure Crossing USA in Jackson Township, one of the largest indoor sports domes in the United States has taken shape — and it is massive.

Three hundred feet by 400 feet and almost 100 feet tall. The future of the facility will include indoor golf driving ranges, basketball, bowling and more. 

“We are going to introduce our new dome to New Jersey,” says developer Vito Cardinale.

From years of planning to only a few hours of inflation, one of the centerpieces of Adventure Crossing USA now stands tall. “Basically, you can play softball soccer, get a golf ball, do a lot of stuff in there, it can house a concert indoors,” says Cardinale. Cardinale’s vision of Adventure Crossing USA began with a message of hope to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. His wife died of the disease several years ago. “We had to first bring joy to everyone,” says Cardinale. “It’s life with the families coming here enjoying it and with that money we will be able to build one of the best research centers in the world with some very good doctors and at some point, we will disclose to the world there will be a big name behind this medical research facility.”

Besides the dome and athletic fields, look for hotels, restaurants, a race course, even an indoor water park and outdoor surf pool to take up the 300-acre $800 million sprawling complex in the years to come. 

“It’s a beautiful thing and there will be a lot of happy families and a lot of happy kids on this turf,” says Cardinale. “Many things will happen on this land, happy families, happy activities but MS will die on this dirt also. Today is a big day toward that day.

Cardinale says once finished, Adventure Crossing USA will add 2,000 permanent jobs to the area. 

As far as traffic goes, Cardinale says the engineers are in talks of adding extra ramps to 195 to help ease any possible congestion.


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