Why Consider a Safe Prom?

Safe proms have become a better choice for modern proms over traditional proms. 

Safety and Security:

Ensuring the safety and well-being of students is a top priority. A safe prom at The Dome takes place in a controlled environment, where safety measures can be implemented effectively. 

Alcohol and Substance-Free:

With growing concerns about underage drinking and the negative consequences associated with substance abuse, many schools and communities have shifted towards safe proms to discourage such behaviors. 


Safe proms strive to be inclusive and provide an enjoyable experience for all attendees. By emphasizing a safe and respectful environment, safe proms can help ensure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable, regardless of their background, interests, or personal preferences. 

Varied Activities and Entertainment:

Safe proms at The Dome incorporate a wide range of activities and entertainment options beyond traditional dancing. These can include interactive games such as our indoor driving range, sports simulators, arcade games, boardwalk-style games, our VR coaster, and more. Other options available may include photo booths, live performances, DJs, and engaging experiences like virtual reality or themed attractions. 

Focus on Memories and Experience:

Modern prom-goers value creating lasting memories and having a unique and enjoyable experience. Safe proms have adapted to this trend by providing innovative and immersive elements, such as themed decorations, high-quality entertainment, interactive experiences, and personalized touches. 

The rapid growth of safe proms over traditional proms can be attributed to their focus on safety, inclusivity, varied activities, memorable experiences, technological integration, and community collaboration. These factors align with the changing preferences and values of modern prom-goers, making safe proms a preferred choice for schools, students, and parents alike.

Discuss your safe prom needs with one of our Safe Prom Event Planners for custom packages.


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